Touring Halong Bay – For the Mid-Range Backpacker

The Perfect Halong Bay Tour for the Mid-Range Backpacker Researching which tour to take on Halong Bay was an absolute nightmare. Every time I got comfortable with a company, I would stumble upon more reviews of horrifying proportions. Stories of travel agents tricking them, switched boats at the last minute, boats that are literally falling apart, Read More

Sukhothai Historical Park – A Hidden Gem

Sukhothai – Thailand’s Hidden Gem. A UNESCO World Heritage City. Home to a mind blowing amount of historical sites and temple ruins. Sukhothai, a hidden gem, lies only 400km North of bustling Bangkok. Many people say Sukhothai is Thailand’s answer to Angkor Wat.  I haven’t been to Angkor Wat (yet), but Sukhothai was incredibly impressive. Lying amidst Read More